Assignee Checklist for International Removals

Posted by By Bournes Relocation Solutions - April 10, 2015

­­assignee-checklist-international-removalsMoving house is a juggling act at the best of times. Trying to manage several parties and tasks all at once, from estate agents and solicitors to schools and utility providers to removal companies and trades people.

Moving abroad adds additional layers of complexity for your assignee - like timing the arrival of their household goods with their arrival in country, getting to know a new culture or starting in their new role and when combined with the fact that for many this will be the first overseas move this can leave a lot of employees and their families confused about where to start or what needs doing and when.

Many people find checklists helpful in organising their tasks and required activities in preparing for their move and and that’s why we have put together a useful international moving checklist for your assignee in preparing for an international move.

Download the Assignee Checklist



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