Cultural training for relocating employees: Are you doing enough?

Posted by By Kirsty Parsons - November 18, 2014

DubaiIn a recent post in the ‘confessions of a global mobility manager’ post by the Forum for Expatriate Managements anonymous blogger we read about the cultural sensitivity issues experienced by one global mobility manager – from dealing with religious holidays like Ramadan and the implications of shorter working days and fasting colleagues from social faux pas such as kissing on the cheek or the mis-use of local slang.

The article highlighted the importance of Cultural training for relocating employees in preparing them for their assignment in order to manage their expectations of a destination and to reduce these issues to enable them work and communicate effectively as well as to settle happily in their new home (without upsetting the locals!).

Cultural Training is a valuable additional relocation benefit to provide to your employees.

Depending on provider cultural training can include how to successfully integrate into life in the destination country, such as cultural differences, city and country specifics, intercultural skills and management of performance as well as the soft skills needed for handling multinational situations.

Cultural training can be provided via flexible means to suit the individual, from self-study on line or through videos to classes delivered by third party providers.

Where possible this should be provided for all members of the family relocating and can be customised to the situations they will be experiencing, for example businesses, social or educational environments.

Read the full article on ‘Confessions of a Global Mobility Manager’ here and talk to us about how you can use cultural training to avoid potential problems in your company


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