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Where to live in France: popular expat regions

Posted by By Kirsty Parsons - November 19, 2014

where-to-live-in-franceIf you’re considering a life outside of the UK but don’t want to go too far away, then chances are France might be top of your list. And with its low crime rates, amazing climate and relaxed pace of life it’s all too easy to see why. If you’re struggling to narrow down your list of places to settle, then here’s our guide to popular expat regions in France.

Where to live in France: if you’re retiring

If it’s stunning scenery, hot summers and mild winters you require when you retire, then the beautiful town of Juan les Pins in the Cote D’Azur might be just the place for you. The coastline here is one of the main attractions, as well as the town's close proximity to Nice airport which is great if you plan on having family come to visit on a regular basis.

Where to live in France: if you’re on a budget

While the cost of living in France might be slightly lower, that doesn't always necessarily mean the house prices are too. If you’re on a limited budget but still want to be somewhere with plenty to see and do then why not consider Haule-Vienne in Limoges? With lower than average house prices, this typically French town is steeped in history, with plenty of art galleries and medieval castles to explore.

Where to live in France: if you need a good school

If you’re moving as a family then the need to find a good school will be a high priority. But finding one in an area that pleases everyone else can be tough. Unless, that is, you start your search in the town of Aquitaine in Bordeaux. The warm Mediterranean climate, friendly locals and location of some of the best schools in the whole country are making this an extremely popular region for young, professional expat families at present.

Where to live in France: if you need a job

There aren't many expats who don’t require some sort of regular work when leaving one country for another. If you’re leaving your current job behind when you move and aren’t sure of what to do or where to go next then you might want to consider Marseille. The second largest city in France, this is fast becoming a popular region for expat professionals who are looking for work abroad. Work aside, the climate here is great all year round and there are plenty of shops, bars, museums and restaurants to keep you entertained in your spare time.

Where to live in France: if you love city culture

If it's the culture you’re after then Nice might be just the place for you. Situated on the country's South East Coast, this is the fifth-largest city in France and is full of stunning architecture, historic buildings and museums. The thriving tourist industry also makes this a great place to consider if you’re looking for work upon your move.

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