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10 top apps for moving to Australia

Posted by By Kirsty Parsons - November 19, 2014

apps for moving to AustraliaRemembering everything you need for an international move can be a nightmare. You can do all the reading and preparing in the world but sometimes it’s just not enough; you just can’t get your head around everything. If this sounds familiar at the moment then fear not: our list of 10 top apps for moving to Australia will not only ensure you don’t forget a single thing pre-move, but also help you to settle into your new home after your move is done, too…

10 Top Apps for Moving to Australia

1. Australia: Simple by name, simple by nature. This is a brilliant app to download and read both pre and post move. Australia breaks the country down into sections, offering lots of useful city-specific information that’s targeted at newcomers. Categories covered include where to stay, things to do, beaches, shops, local markets, restaurants, activities, night life and bars. The app is updated regularly with reader reviews and also includes seasonal suggestions on things to see and do at certain times of the year, making it an all-round great resource when it comes to getting to know your new area.

2. White Pages Australia:
A must-have while you’re settling in, this app gives you access to contact details for all local people, businesses and government departments in Australia. There’s everything from banks, beauty chains, car dealers and restaurants to insurance companies, legal services, real estate agents and health providers included in this user-friendly app. All you have to do is search by postcode if you’re looking for a general list of suppliers in your area or by company name if you’re looking for someone specific.










Australian Yellow Pages: Fans of the traditional Yellow Pages will be relieved to know that Australia also has its own version too – and this one is completely interactive. Whatever you’re looking for in Australia, it can probably be found via this app, which also lets you call businesses directly from it, read reviews and see ratings from other users and use interactive maps to locate the company you’re looking for when out and about.

4. Seek:
Need a job when you get to Australia? Then the Seek app will be your new best friend. Download this to your phone or tablet and you can start searching for jobs from the comfort of your new home as soon as you arrive. Once your account is set up, the app will search for jobs that match your criteria and let you apply for them instantly online. It’ll even deliver new jobs that you might be interested in straight to your inbox, meaning you don’t have to trawl through endless job descriptions day after day.









5. Dropbox:
As you’ve probably figured out by now, moving internationally requires a whole load of paperwork. And there’s nothing worse than getting to the airport or Australian customs and realising you’ve left an important document behind/accidentally packed it in your container. Which is where this app comes in so handy. Dropbox can be downloaded to your laptop, phone or tablet and allows you to upload pictures, videos and documents which can then be viewed anywhere, any time. Once your account is active you can access it from any desktop computer anywhere in the world, and even email links to specific files to other people. Download this as soon as you know you’re about to move (you get 2GB of space free, although more storage can be purchased if necessary) and upload all of your important moving related documents – customs paperwork, electronic visas, paperwork for any pets you’re moving – as well as copies of things like marriage certificates, birth certificates, insurance documents, etc. It might seem like an extra effort at a time where so much else is going on, but the peace of mind come moving day will be worth it!

6. Skype:
An oldie, but a goodie. Skype is an essential for anyone making a long distance move who wants to stay in regular contact with friends and family back home without spending a fortune. You can install this on your laptop, phone or tablet and be connected to your loved ones at the push of a button.









7. Beach
Safe: As you’ll quickly discover, everything in Australia happens on the beach. And with thousands of people inhabiting the beaches here throughout the year, safety is a big thing. This is a great app for anyone with a family who wants to find the nearest, safest beach to spend the day. Not only does it give recommendations and reviews of all the beaches in your local area, but it also updates you on the water temperature, tide times, UV index, potential hazards, whether it’s particularly good for surfing or other water sports and if it’s patrolled by life guards.










8. SunSmart:
If there’s one thing you certainly won’t be short of in Australia, it’s sunshine. The year-round good weather is just one of the many bonuses of living here, but with that also comes the vastly increased risk of high-level UV exposure. SunSmart is a great app for all those conscious about staying safe in the harsh Australian sun. As well as providing daily location-specific weather forecasts, the app can also calculate the correct SPF level for your skin type, track the times of day in which your sun exposure will be highest and allow you to set reminders to apply or top up your sun block during these periods. You can also use the vitamin D tracker to make sure you’re getting enough UV exposure: win-win! (Please note this app is only available from the Australian app store at the moment)









9. GrabOne:
Love bargain hunting? So do the Aussies! This handy app will give you access to all the latest deals on things to see, eat and do around Australia and is a great way of introducing yourself to some new places in your first few months. You can browse all of the bargains, buy deals and use coupons directly from the app, saving you time and money on lots of great new experiences.

10. Pinterest:
Last, but by no means least, is one of our favourites. Pinterest is a fantastic app for not only planning your move and getting lots of useful information on Moving to Australia, but also for finding lots of tips on settling in, places to see and things to do. Use it to plan your move, a holiday or even how you’re going to decorate your new house.










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For more tips and advice on your international move, see our Removals to Australia page or read our International Moves blog for everything you need to know about getting quotes, packing and shipping your goods and life on the other side of the world.

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