Bournes: Best International Moving Company of the Year

international-moving-company-of-the-year-2015.jpgFor the second year in a row Bournes Relocation Solutions, a leading provider of International Relocation Services to the Global Mobility divisions of companies worldwide has won The Forum for Expatriate Management’s (FEM) EMMA award for the best International Moving Company of the Year at the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) awards

The FEM is an organisation that supports and brings together Global Mobility and Human Resources professionals from corporate organisations across the globe and the annual EMMA awards celebrate excellence in global mobility worldwide and winning an EMMA is the ultimate recognition of professional excellence in the Corporate Relocation world.

Following an industry wide nominations process Bournes Relocation Solutions were shortlisted and a panel of judges including some of the most well respected names in global mobility decided the eventual winner. 

Winners of the International Moving Company of the Year 2014

In its 140th year in business everyone at Bournes is very proud of the recognition from the judges for the hard work and personal commitment they have put into providing a great experience for our clients. In explaining why they chose Bournes as their winners the judges gave several comments:

"The fact that Bournes have been in this industry for 140 years is in itself a testament to the quality of their organisation. The "personal service" that Bournes provide, as provided by the example of Kevin [Bournes move co-ordinator] replicating a painting that had been lost for a client, is a true demonstration of the fact they are willing to go the extra mile and are not just a Moving Household Goods company."  Another judge went on to add "I Love the fact that employees have an emotional attachment and go above and (far) beyond to deliver customer satisfaction". 

Bournes focus on customer satisfaction and the recent implementation of the Net Promoter Score programme was also recognised: The judges added "This is a strong overall entry which is reflected in my scores. some great technology and I like the fact that they have put a lot of focus on customer satisfaction as this is often an area that is forgotten about as most providers are focusing on the actual move itself." and "What I like about [Bournes] is there is focus on customer satisfaction and getting that right - get the basics right and the rest should be easy. I also like the App for the pre-move survey - this company has the right attitude and approach and knows who the customer is."

Winning back to back International Moving Company of the Year EMMA awards in 2014 and 2015, and the BAR Overseas Mover of the Year 2015 are fantastic achievements for the whole team and a lovely way to celebrate 140 years in business! A big thank you to the judges for voting and well done to everyone in the team who go above and beyond every day to make sure that Bournes continue to deliver great customer experiences for another 140 years to come! 

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