Covering over 180 countries we offer Removals, Shipping, Airfreight and Relocation Support services to make international moving easy.


If you’re only taking a few important belongings with you then our part load or airfreight services may be right for you.

If you can be flexible on your delivery schedule we offer shared load services for smaller volumes of belongings. This means you share the space in a vehicle or shipping container with other customers moving to the same destination.

This is a cost effective method of transport for smaller consignments as you only pay for the space you use. Transit times can be slightly slower than a dedicated load as consolidation may be required prior to departure but if you can be flexible on speed or delivery dates this is a great way to save money. There are a couple of different options you can choose from.

  • Part Load by Road (for Mainland European Destinations): Your consignment shares a vehicle with other customers moving to or from Europe, you select a delivery window with a final delivery date confirmed before the vehicle departs.
  • Groupage Shared Loads to USA, Canada or Australia: Your consignment is loaded within a container with other customers of ours heading to the same country. The speed can be slower as we need to factor in time to collect and load all the other shipments but is the most cost effective way of shipping smaller loads.
  • Less than Container Load (LCL) for all other destinations: Your consignment is crated and sent through a large shipping consolidator with lots of regular volume being shipped to your destination, almost as speedy as an exclusive container, add a couple of days in only for consolidation.

Need your small shipment quickly? Our airfreight service is our speediest method of transport.

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Did you know last year we moved the equivalent of 9 20ft shipping containers plus a car to Australia for one VIP customer, so we’re no stranger to large, complex moves.

Large homes and high value items require a higher level of planning, experience and flexible resources than the average move and so it’s even more important to make sure you work with an International Removal company that has the skills and experience to make your move run smoothly.

Your experienced Move Consultants will use their expert knowledge to assess your individual requirements and tailor a move plan to suit your specific needs, pulling together the full range of Bournes resources that you require allowing us to make sure that everything that is important to you is handled as you wish.

Your dedicated move coordinator will handle all the pre-move planning and preparation, keep everything organised and ensure everything is in place and going to plan on move day. They will guide you through the move, every step of the way. We offer a range of services for large, high value international moves:

  • Exclusive Load by Road (for mainland Europe destinations) A dedicated vehicle and crew is allocated to your move and to suit your selected collection and delivery dates.
  • Direct Load by Road (for mainland Europe destinations) You select the date to meet your needs however other customers with destinations en-route may share the space on your vehicle to help reduce your costs.
  • Exclusive container by sea (for International and non-mainland Europe destinations) Your items are loaded in your very own container, either directly at your house or if access doesn’t allow this then back at our depot. We’ll seal the container and it will be taken straight to the port and shipped and delivered to your new home.

We can also include your vehicle in your move often providing a more cost effective solution than transporting it separately.

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If you’re moving on a budget, we’ll work with you to find the best options to keep your international removals budget to a minimum. We can help advise you on reducing the volume of goods you are taking to make sure you only pay to move the things you’ll really need, we can explore different transport options such as shared loads or slower transit times that might be a little cheaper and advise you on any other areas to cut costs whilst allowing to take everything that’s important to you and get all the services you need. If you’re just moving a small quantity of goods check out Small Moves to read about our shared load services which can help save you money.

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If you need your belongings with you at your new home quickly then we have a range of speedy international removals solutions that help you do just this.

If you need your items right away we’d recommend shipping those vital items via airfreight, bear in mind this cost can be more expensive than road or sea freight so it’s only recommended for low volumes and the things you really need quickly.

Exclusive transport or shared loads
If items aren’t urgent but you’d like them as soon as possible then the service we recommend will be based on your destination and volume, larger volumes can travel by exclusive road transport or sea freight and smaller volumes travelling by sea can be crated and consolidated with other consignments heading for your destination.

Why not do both?
If you’ve got a few items you need quickly but are happy to wait for the rest why not send a small airfreight consignment of the most vital items ahead of your main shipment by road or sea? Ask your move consultant for details.


If you don't have much notice to plan your international move don't panic! Although typically customers arrange their moves a few months in advance we've helped customers with as little as a few days notice so we know exactly what to do to fastrack your individual requirements without compromising the service you receive. We'll provide you with all the advice and guidance you need to make quick but informed decisions and to complete all the required documentation needed to get your shipment on it's way.

Help! My removal company have cancelled!
Removal company let you down at the last minute? Don't panic! Just give us a call and we'll do everything we can to get you moving, minimising the extra stress!.

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