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Moving House Room Planner

Posted by Bournes Moves - December 1, 2015

SweetHome3D.jpgAre you preparing to move currently but struggling to work out how all of your furniture and things will look in your new house? This piece of room planner software from Sweet Home 3D might be just what you need to plan the layout of your new rooms...

One of our customers recently shared this with us in explaining where everything needs to go in her new home, and we thought it was great so wanted to share it with you!


Preparing for the aftermath of moving house can be daunting - not only do you have the challenge of unpacking after a move, but before you can even get to that you also have to try and plan out each room from scratch, working out what fits where.

If you're trying to plan the layout of the rooms in your new house but are struggling to 'see' it all come together before you've moved then you might benefit from the help of Sweet Home 3D - a revolutionary piece of software which allows users to virtually build any room in their house and see the layout from several perspectives.

A completely free software suite, Sweet Home 3D can be used by anyone who is currently planning a house redesign, but is particularly useful for those that are moving house and want to plan how all their existing furniture will work in their new spaces, as per the example above.

The rooms are designed in 2D, with the user able to input all the correct room dimensions and add in furniture from the software's built-in catalogue. Once finished, users are then able to preview how the room will look in 3D, giving them an accurate idea of how the room will look in real life.


















1. The furniture catalogue: organised by categories and contains all the furniture and objects needed to reconstruct your home design.
2. The home furniture list: contains the furniture in your home, listed by name, size and other characteristics.
3. The home plan: gives you a birds-eye-view of your home, layered over a grid which allows you to set or reset dimensions and add in all the furniture.
4. The home 3D view: allows you to preview your layouts in 3D, either from above or as a virtual visitor.

Once each room is complete, you can create 3D photos, videos and print outs of your finished layouts (handy to pass on to the removal company!!) helping you to get organised for the unpacking stage of your removal.

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