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Storage for during renovations and house builds.

Posted by Bournes Moves - September 14, 2020

Are you renovating your home to create a better space for your family or building your dream house but have nowhere to store all your stuff during the process? 

Using a removal company for storage during renovations or a house build is a great way to keep everything safe. 


Moving to temporary accommodation during building works or renovations 

If you are moving into a temporary home then you might want to take some items with you and put others into store. 

A removal company can handle the whole move as one project keeping everything coordinated. 

Typically they will load the items for storage directly into your wooden container for return to their storage facility. These items would be inventoried so you have a copy. Your items for moving directly would then be loaded separately and delivered straight to your temporary home. 

Many companies removals vehicles are specially designed to be able to carry both wooden storage containers and the larger steel shipping containers, which means that whatever the size of your storage requirement, your items can be loaded directly into a container at your home and then returned to the warehouse for storage without the need for anyone to re-handle your belongings. Not only does this greatly reduce any risk of loss or damage, but it also keeps handling costs to a minimum.

Accessing your belongings in storage

Most removal companies will allow you access to your belongings whilst they are in storage, so don't panic that they will be locked away until you're ready for delivery. 

You may need to contact the removal company in advance to book an access appointment and you should be able to easily identify the location of items you might need using the inventory provided. 

Ready for delivery?

Once the works are completed the removal company can load your container back onto their vehicle and deliver back to your new home.

If you've got items at a temporary property that you'd like moving too the removal company will be able to collect these and deliver everything to your home together. Get a quote for storageFor all information on our long and short term storage options, please visit our dedicated Storage page.

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