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Downsizing? Long and short term storage solutions.

Posted by Kirsty Parsons - November 19, 2014

Are you downsizing and having a clear out but don’t want to throw things away forever? Long and short term storage are excellent ways of saving space without getting rid for good.

According to a recent Rightmove survey, downsizing is the number one reason people are choosing to move currently. With higher costs of living and life expectancies increasing, it’s only natural that there’s a surge of people opting for smaller, more affordable homes. On the one hand, many people in this position don’t want to get rid of everything they’ve worked a lifetime to achieve, yet on the other they simply don’t have the space they now need to keep it all.

This is where long or short term storage is an excellent compromise; everything can be kept and accessed easily without cluttering up a smaller space.

Perhaps you’re downsizing and have heirlooms, items of furniture or antiques that don’t fit into your new house, but you’re not quite ready to pass them down or part with them yet? Putting them into storage not only keeps them safe and clean but also allows you to access them whenever you want.

If you tick any of these boxes but aren’t sure what to do next then simply give us a call – our professionally managed warehouse provides a range of safe, secure and convenient storage solutions for any number of household goods, high value articles, cars or antiques.

Plus, our vehicles are specially designed to be able to carry both wooden storage containers and the larger steel shipping containers, which means that whatever the size of your storage requirement, your items can be loaded directly into a container at your home and then returned to our warehouse for storage without the need for anyone to re-handle your belongings. Not only does this greatly reduce any risk of loss or damage, but it also keeps handling costs to a minimum.

After being sealed in front of you, a full inventory of the goods inside your container will be produced, giving you the peace of mind and confidence in your storage solutions.

Find out more about how Moving House Storage works or visit our Storage Services page to find out more about how Bournes can help you with your downsizing move. 

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