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9 great removals company resources

Posted by Bournes Moves - June 22, 2015

When it comes to moving house there is lots to organise and plan so here's a round up of some great resources to make the process of finding and choosing a removals company easier for you!

Let us know if we've missed something great!.

In no particular order...

1. Online Inventory and Quote Facilities

We all lead busy lives, so scheduling time for a move consultation to assess your requirements and give you a quote can be tough when you work full time or have other commitments that can't be rescheduled.

Fortunately though, there are some removal companies that have some simple ways around this. Online inventory forms are a great way to get around not being able to have a full move consulation, and are perfect for people who aren't available during working hours or simply have a short timescale to organise a move and need a price quickly. This online inventory is a great way to get a free, no obligation quote and only takes around 15 minutes to complete. Some companies like Bournes go one step further and allow you to get an instant price removals quotation from your self survey too so you can get a quote for your move any time you want! 

2. Moving House Kit

Being organised in the run up to your move is one of the keys to making sure it all runs smoothly. But sometimes it's hard to stay on track when there's so much else going on in your life.

This moving house kit helps you stay on top of things - from the checklists and timelines that allow you to plan and make notes on each stage of the move to all the extra pieces of useful advice like how to compare removal companies, who to inform when moving house and what to pack in your essentials box, this is a really helpful resource.

 Download FREE Moving House Kit

3. Packing Resources

We're not talking about having people come in and pack for you (although that is nice, and definitely an option most removal companies will offer), but rather the useful resources that can be offered to help you pack by yourself. These packing videos are a really helpful tool for anyone that wants to pack their own items but isn't quite sure how to do it properly, and will give you the knowledge and confidence to pack everything from books and clothes right down to fragile ornaments and china. 

4. Blogs

One of the most useful (and free) resources that a good removal company can offer you is a relevant blog with a range of up-to-date posts. When you're in the initial stages of researching removal companies, always take a minute to check their website and see if they have a blog. From here, you might be able to find out the answers to a whole range of questions about your move, or pick up useful tips about moving house that can save you time, stress and money. 

5. Additional Services

It's one thing to pick a removal company that can move you from A to B in one piece successfully, but it's another when you pick one that can offer you extra services you not only didn't know existed, but can also make the experience of moving house a really positive and enjoyable one. It might not have crossed your mind that some removal companies can offer services like a handyman to help dismantle and reassemble fixtures, fittings and furniture, a housemaid to help with cleaning and basic unpacking or even a food collection service to take unwanted items to a local foodbank, but these are the little extras that can make all the difference when you want to ensure your move is as stress-free as possible. 

Sometimes, you need more than just a company to move your items for you. If you're living in temporary accommodation, going through the process of building your next house or simply just downsizing then perhaps one of the most important resources you'll require is storage. You even might want to start your search for a removal company by looking for one that can offer you safe and secure storage facilities as part of your move. 

6. Removals company review sites

Getting recommendations from your friends and family is a great way to shortlist your options for removal companies that you know have done a good job for someone else, but if you don't know anyone who has a recommendation OR if you want more than one opinion then online reviews are great to get some more real feedback. Most companies will display reviews on their own websites and there are also some independent sites like Trusted Mover from the British Association of Removers that collect and publish reviews too.

7. Free Downloads

If you haven't got time to read blogs but still want some help and advice on moving house, then it's always worth checking whether a removal company has any free downloadable materials.

For example at Bournes we offer a range of ebooks (like the one below), checklists, guides and printable lists in our resource library that you can use immediately, or save for another time when you're ready. 

 download the free e-book - how to choose a reputable removal company

8. Social Media

Aside from being a good place to read their latest news updates and blog posts, a removal company's social media accounts are also great for interaction. You can see what previous customers thought, find out how a company responds and speaks to customers, get a feel for them as a company and even join in with their discussions or ask them questions directly. If you're having a hard time choosing between a few removal companies then checking out their Facebook pages or Twitter feeds might help you to narrow things down even further, as you can talk directly with each company. Don't forget to check if they have a Pinterest page too, as they'll likely be pinning and sharing even more useful tips for moving house!

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 9. Your move manager

If your moving company provides you with a dedicated move manager this person is your best resource for planning and preparing for your move! They do this every day and will be full of tips to help you know what to do and when, and will pro-actively remind you to do things you didn't even think about! 

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