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We know moving during the Coronavirus pandemic can be worrying, and we're doing everything we can to make your move a safe one.

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If you need to move, we want you to feel safe.

If you need to move house during Coronavirus Conditions we want you to feel safe, and we want our employees to feel safe too.

We have worked hard to complete thorough risk assessments and review solutions across our business to make sure we can deliver our services safely. We have closely followed Government guidelines on Covid-19 secure working and have taken advice from the British Association of Removers.

The Bournes Safe Mover Code

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The Bournes ‘Safe Mover Code’ is a new set of amended operating procedures that we have developed to adapt our ways of working to protect our employees, our customers and our communities.

Measures we are taking include:

  • Consistent 'buddy system' of smaller teams with dedicated vehicles
  • Social distancing (2m+ distance from customer and colleagues)
  • Personal Protective Equipment to be used wherever 2m+ distance isn't possible
  • Informing customers in advance of visit safety measures and responsibilities
  • Talking to our customers about their wellness including understanding if anyone in the household is vulnerable so we can make a plan together for how to keep them safe
  • Remote solutions for pre-move surveys (where possible)
  • Daily wellness checks for all staff (including temperature checks)
  • Sanitising vehicles and equipment 
  • Safe travel guidelines (including wearing of PPE)
  • Practising good hand and respiratory hygiene 
  • Reduced customer presence/interaction 
  • Office staff working from home wherever possible 
  • Response plan in event of Covid-19 symptoms 


Quick House Removals Covid-19 Safety Overview

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Staff Training

All staff have been trained on the new requirements and we will be working with customers to guide on how together we can maintain safety. 

Continuous Review

Having thoroughly tested our new 'safe mover' operational guidelines in our operations since re-opening, including spot checks on-site, we are pleased to say they are working well. Our crews and customers report that they feel safe, that all necessary precautions are being taken and that we are able to deliver our services to the usual standards of quality. 

However, we know that the government guidelines and the rate of infection are changing all the time and so our management team are continuously reviewing these as well as talking to our customers and crews to make adjustments as necessary.

Want to know more about how we will make sure your move is done safely?

If you'd like to know more about the steps we are taking during moves and behind the scenes to reduce the risks of Coronavirus we'd be more than happy to discuss further. Click below to contact us for a quote or call 01797 228000 if you have further questions.

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Someone in our house is vulnerable, what should I do?

When you contact us for a quote we will ask you about your individual circumstances. If someone in your home is vulnerable then we'll work with you to make a plan that keeps them safe, tailored to their personal needs. We will be as flexible as possible with our planning and procedures to facilitate this.

Will face masks be worn?

Where our crews cannot keep 2m+ distance between themselves and others (for example when lifting a heavy item like a sofa) they will wear face masks and keep the amount of time in close contact to a minimum. 

What do we need to do before the move?

We will provide you with clear guidance ahead of your move to help you understand what you need to do and what you can expect from us during the move. Your responsibilities may include providing handwashing facilities (if available), opening internal doors and cleaning frequent touch points ahead of our arrival. 

What happens if lockdown gets stricter?

We are continuously monitoring the lockdown rules as well as advice and best practice guidance provided to businesses to ensure Covid-19 secure working. 

We regularly cross-check current guidance against our safe mover code and will quickly adapt if necessary, ensuring all staff members are trained in any updates. 

Your personal move manager will work with you to manage your move planning, including any changes that need to be made if the rules change. 

What happens if someone in our house has Covid-19 symptoms?

We will ask you about your wellness prior to your move. If you or anyone in your household has experienced Covid-19 symptoms we will work with you to make any adjustments to our plans to ensure you can continue to self isolate safely. 

For the protection of our employees, your own family and the public it is important that you tell us about any symptoms, including a high temperature, persistent cough or loss of taste/smell so that we work together to minimise risk. 

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