Finding the right solutions for the education needs of your family is essential. Getting it right means settling in quickly to your new location, making sure your family are happy and your children can reach their potential during your stay. As one of the UK's leading independent relocation service providers and a member of the European Relocation Association (EuRA) Bournes can help make  finding the right education solutions easy. We will:

  • Help you find a suitable school quickly: Our goal is helping your children to get settled into school quickly to establish a new routine, make friends and to ensure they don't miss vital stages in their education. 
  • Help you navigate the complicated local schooling systems: From the varying types of state schools to a range of private schools there are many options available. We understand researching and evaluating options to match with your own requirements can seem complex, and on top of that the applications process and local practices can make things even more confusing. Our specialist education consultants help you navigate these complexities by guiding you through them step by step.
  • Coordinate with your home search: Where the search for a school and a home go hand in hand our education consultants will work closely with you and your home search consultant to make sure both sets of requirements are matched and taken into account. 

Our Education Assistance Process

home search needs assessment

1. Your Needs

Your consultant will discuss your individual requirements and give you guidance on your education options, types of schools and the applications process. 

Research & Options

2. Research & Options

Your consultant will research appropriate schools that meet your needs and provide written information for you to review.


education assistance school

3. Availability & Visits

Your consultant will assess availability at your preferred schools and help you to arrange visits as required. They will guide you in what to look for and what to ask during any visits.

selection and application process

4. Selection & Application

Your consultant will help you to review your options; make a final selection; guide you through application process and help with final arrangements once an offer of a place is received.


When can I get started?

In some countries we can get started with the school search prior to the move, helping get everything in place ready for your arrival. In other countries the children need to be in the country before an application can be submitted. We will advise on this during your initial needs assessment to make sure everything works as efficiently as possible.

Where can I find more help with Education Options?

If there is anything you would like to know please don't hestitate to contact us.

If you are relocating to the UK you may also find the following websites useful.

How do I get started?

If you've not already been contacted by Bournes relocation team please contact Marianne Walsh on +44 (0)1797 228000 or by email at